Museums for kids in Athens the whole family will love

Athens boasts a wide variety of museums that are sure to enthrall your youngsters, covering anything from mythology and ancient history to more modern times.

One of the most important cultural centers on earth is undeniably Athens. But even children who love mythology can grow weary of all the marble statues if not presented properly. Visit these family-friendly museums in Athens to offer your kids the most coveted cultural amusement. 

Here are the best museums for kids in Athens to keep children of all ages and interests -along with their parents- from getting bored, including kid-pleasing activities and educational trails. 

The Acropolis Museum

The superbly designed and curated Acropolis Museum is aware that engaging children in their learning is the best way to keep their interest. Here, kids may experience interesting recreations of daily life in ancient Greece. For young minds, freestanding statues from the Archaic Period are much more captivating than two-dimensional paintings. These marble lions, snakes, and gods can be examined from any angle. Book The Acropolis: A Walk Through History or The Myths & Wonders of Ancient Athens Tour and engage in the educational activities catered to children between the ages of five and twelve to make Greek Archaeology the most fun game ever!

The Ancient Agora Museum

The spectacular Stoa of Attalos, which houses the Museum of the Ancient Agora, the ancient Greek parliament, the temple dedicated to Hephaestus and more, is the place in Ancient Greece that everything took place, including shopping, debating, worshiping, being judged, or even birthing democracy. This is also considered a primed museum for kids as it is an ideal place to immerse younger generations in Greek history, mythology, and culture through play. In our A Day in the life of A Young Athenian tour is an homage to experiential learning. Through intriguing myths and entertaining tales children can be educated about the history and culture of the ancient Greeks by their everyday lives tasks, and discover the fundamental ideas of democracy in an easy-to-understand manner.

The Benaki Toy Museum

Telling your kids that this museum is solely focused on toys can make convincing them to visit “yet another museum” lot simpler. Specifically, vintage toys from many countries. At this museum, housed in a stately stone folly resembling a castle, give gadget-obsessed kids an insightful look into a bygone era of more innocent playtime pursuits. This well-deserved museum for kids in Athens is one of the most significant and vast collections in all of Europe of unique toys, dolls, puppets, and games. For pleasing the whole family, you might want to start with our Touching History tour, and visit the original Benaki Museum for an exemplar showcasing of modern Greece, and then amuse our little friends with the toy one through our Tailor-Made Tours.

Learn your children to love history and culture and then every museum can be a potential museum for kids in Athens.