Best online art destinations in Greece

Greece has a wealth of wonderful archaeological sites and museums with some of the world’s most spectacular collections of ancient Greek art. Yt it has some lesser-known, exceptional art galleries featuring both Greek and international artists. Fasten your seat belt, we are taking you on a journey to explore the top art destinations in Athens and Thessaloniki in the comfort of your own home.


This iconic gallery located in the centre of Athens allows virtual visitors to view paintings, sculptures, engravings, and other forms of Greek art covering from the post-Byzantine period until today. You can also explore here an online exhibit on nineteenth century Greek history paintings from their collection, developed in partnership with the Google Art Project.

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The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography may be closing its doors due to the current outbreak, but don’t despair it can still be explored from your couch thanks to its digital archives which can be found here. The Museum is part of the Metropolitan Organisation of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki and its an all-time favourite spot for photographers. 

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View of the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography


Anyone who is a fan of modern art can virtually explore an important nucleus of works by Greek and international artists. The building which was designed originally as part of the old FIX brewery now houses the National Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum’s website is constantly enriched with new material and anyone can wander its halls from anywhere in the world. Here you can browse through all the artworks of the EMST Collection.

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Established only last year in Athens the new Museum which bears the name of the founders Basil and Elise Goulandris exhibits one of the most important private collections to be assembled during the second half of the 20th century. The foundation’s interactive website will inspire you to explore their exceptional collection of contemporary art.

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Edgar Degas
Little Dancer Aged Forteen
Circa 1878 – 1881
Basil and Elise Goulandris