The Myths & Wonders of Ancient Athens

A family experience of the Parthenon, Acropolis and Acropolis Museum

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Acropolis Metro station

From competition between gods to monumental architecture, early medicine, and theater festivals, this family-friendly cultural tour uses fun activities and storytelling to bring the Parthenon, Acropolis and Acropolis Museum to life. It’s a fantastic way to introduce youngsters to the fascinating history and culture of ancient Athens—all while inspiring adults with a renewed fascination with the marvels of Antiquity.

This tour is designed for ages 5-12 — but it’s guaranteed fun for the whole family!

With visits to the Parthenon and other key monuments in the archaeological site of the Acropolis, and a family-friendly private guided tour of the Acropolis Museum, this is our most entertaining family tour. Designed to offer a memorable experience for the whole family, it offers a glimpse into life in ancient Athens, touching on key themes such as art, ancient gods, early medicine, theater and democracy.

Take a guided tour of the archaeological site of the Acropolis and discover its mythical and historical past through fun stories and anecdotes.

Visit the Parthenon and other major sites including the Theater of Dionysus and the Sanctuary of Asclepius, and learn about their lasting significance through the centuries.

Learn about ancient medicine and architecture, get to know the rowdy antics of ancient theatergoers and delve into  the exciting world of Greek mythology.

Enjoy a private guided tour of the award-winning Acropolis Museum – designed specifically for children!

Young guests will have the opportunity to  partake in an interactive tour narration, play games, and exercise their creativity!



Meet your guide at the Acropolis Metro Station.

Part 1

Entrance to the South Slope of the Acropolis.

Part 2

Theater of Dionysus.

Part 3

Sanctuary of Asclepius.

Part 4

The Archaic Spring House.

Part 5


Part 6


Part 7

The Parthenon.

Part 8

Acropolis Museum.


Tour ends at the Acropolis Metro Station.


Designed for children, with an emphasis on fun experiential learning.

Interactive narrative and games that encourage young guests to explore the sites and topics on their own terms.

Private guided tour of the award-winning Acropolis Museum, specially designed to bring the exhibits to life for the whole family.

Well-paced, guided tour of the Parthenon and Acropolis archaeological site, with stops at all the key monuments, including the Theater of Dionysus and the Sanctuary of Asclepius.

Explore the origins of democracy and learn about early medicine and ancient theater in a simple, engaging way.

Learn about ancient Greek history and culture through fascinating myths and fun stories about the ancient world!

What's included

  • Special child-friendly tour appropriate for ages 5-12 y.o.
  • Private, state-licensed tour guide
  • Entry fees to the site(s) mentioned in the itinerary
  • Fun & educating experience at the Acropolis & Acropolis Museum

The Myths & Wonders of Ancient Athens

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