Cyclades: The Dream Destination

Whitewashed houses, blue-domed churches, bougainvillea-lined alleys, sun-kissed ancient marbles and the mesmerizing sparkle of the Aegean Sea. No matter how far and wide you venture, few places on the planet compare to the idyllic beauty of the Cyclades.

Which Islands?

The popular Cyclades island group, located right in the middle of the Aegean Sea, includes some of the most famous Greek islands including Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, and Ios. But it is also home to other popular islands such as Amorgos, Milos and Delos — not to mention the (not so) hidden gems of Folegandros, Schoinousa and Koufonisia.

Which Beaches?

The Cyclades boasts some of the best beaches in Greece, the Mediterranean, and the entire world: Super Paradise beach on Mykonos is trendy, cosmopolitan and ideal for anyone who wants their beach visit to come with lots of sunbathing and beach bar parties; Mylopotas beach on Ios is its rock-n-roll counterpart.

Shift the focus to gorgeous landscapes, and the stunning rock formations at Sarakiniko beach on Milos, the multiple sandy cove-lets at Kolymbithres on Paros and the crimson cliffs of Santorini’s Red Beach are the perfect exotic getaway from city life.

Meanwhile, movie buffs will appreciate a visit to Agia Anna on Amorgos which featured in Luc Besson’s acclaimed 1988 film The Big Blue.

Which Sights?

The Aegean was the center of the ancient Greek world, and many islands in the Cyclades flourished as trade, cultural and religious hubs, exporting their produce, raw materials, and arts across the known world.

Explore the Aegean’s ancient heritage at Santorini’s renowned Akrotiri archaeological area, visit the kouroi and the Temple of Apollo on Naxos, walk across the Avenue of the Lions on Delos, and take a boat trip to the Sanctuary of Apollo on Despotiko. Jumping forward in time, don’t miss Panagia Ekatontapiliani and the Venetian Kastro on Paros and make sure to visit the iconic windmills and ‘Little Venice’ beachfront on Mykonos.

With literally hundreds of options to choose from in places to visit and things to see and do in the Cyclades, it’s impossible to recommend just one destination. The solution is simple: Treat yourself to an exclusive, tailor-made island-hopping holiday!

From swimming at some of the world’s best beaches to visiting top attractions and world-class archaeological sites, Discover Greek Culture can design the perfect tailor-made holiday experience for you. Wine tastings, culinary adventures, unique cultural experiences and access to exclusive locations are just the beginning. With years of experience as one of the top cultural tourism operators in Greece, we can design the ideal itinerary and take care of all the logistics and details. All you have to do is show up and have the time of your life.

Eat Like a Greek: Easter Favorites

Easter in Greece is a time of celebration and feasting. It’s a perfect time to explore the countryside and get a taste of authentic Greek culture: the customs, traditions and foods that bind communities together and create that uniquely Greek sense of hospitality and belonging.

Whether you’re in the countryside or in Athens, there are plenty of opportunities to sample Greek Easter food. And although we whole-heartedly recommend partaking in a rural village feast if you have the opportunity, city tavernas and back yards can be just as great. All across the country, the air is thick with celebration—and the smoke and aromas from traditional slow-roasting lamb on the spit go a long way toward setting the mood.

Lamb is the basis of much of Greek Easter cuisine: Whole on the spit, grilled offal, and even soup made from the head (and it’s better than it sounds, honest!) are all on the traditional Easter menu, accompanied by rich phyllo-pastry pies, crisp green salads, stuffed vine leaves, and a host of regional specialties. Of course, no Greek Easter menu is complete without the traditional red dyed eggs (and the obligatory egg tapping games) and a thick slice of fresh, buttered tsoureki sweetbread.

If you can’t make it to Greece this Easter, let Greece come to you. We’ve put together a short list of fantastic Easter menus and recipes. Have a look, choose your favorites and get cooking!