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Our Company

Discover Greek Culture (DGC) is an inbound tour operator that provides travelers with hands-on Cultural Tourism Experiences in Greece. Founded in 2013 by trained cultural experts, DGC promotes Greek culture by showcasing the history, archaeology, art and gastronomy that sets Greece apart from the rest. DGC’s unique tours weave together the very best of the Hellenic experience for discerning travelers looking to immerse themselves in Greek culture.

Alexandra Tiligada Founder

Alexandra Tiligada

Sophia Antoniadou Founder

Sophia Antoniadou

DGC works closely with a number of institutions, organizations and sites to secure private viewings and exclusive visits to limited-access areas. In a highly saturated sightseeing and excursion market, DGC stands out by offering travelers the opportunity to not only discover the breadth and wealth of Greek culture, but to experience it for themselves. The DGC team is comprised of experts in the field of Hellenic studies, archaeology, architecture and the arts.

Danai Tsogia

Danai Tsogia
Sales & Marketing Manager

Elena Tsakalaki

Elena Tsakalaki
Operations Manager

Vangelis Kafasis

Vangelis Kafasis
Sales & Marketing Officer

Our Vision

For Those in Search for More

From Greek Archaeology and Art to Gastronomy and History, we have spent our professional lives learning about, promoting and preserving our culture and heritage. It is our passion and our purpose.

A Deeper Understanding, A Deeper Appreciation

Technology has made our world smaller. We can video chat with pretty much anyone, anywhere. We can translate texts from any language into our own. We can explore foreign streets, and tour foreign sites without leaving the comfort of our homes.

We are launching Discover Greek Culture (DGC) to share the striking beauty and staggering complexity of our history, our land, and our modern identity with those who want to dig a bit deeper. And we think there are many of you out there.

Yet, as we grow closer to each other, we discover that there is an enormous amount that we don’t know about each other. Traditions, expressions, experiences; these are things that cannot be digitally encapsulated and virtually simulated. They must be experienced firsthand.

Cultural tourism can fill that void; the ability to experience a day in the life of another person, to share in their joys, their acquired understanding and in the bounty of their communities and land. And few places are more bountiful than our beloved Greece.

An Opportunity to Truly Experience Greek Culture

We therefore invite you—the inquisitive, empathetic traveler—to join us on our innovative new cultural tours. We invite you to witness our ancient history by going behind the scenes at an archaeological dig or in a museum; or to experience today’s vibrant Athenian life.

We invite you all to join us as we discover and unearth authentic Greek culture. We trust the experience will be as inspiring for you as it has been for us.

See you in Greece!

Our Team

George Featham

George Featham Licensed Tour Guide, Archaeologist ,Tour designer

George Featham has been working as a tour guide and tour designer since 2014. He studied History & Archaeology at the Aristotle University of his dear city of Thessaloniki. He holds a Ph.D. and Masters degree in Art History from the same institution. George likes to think of each tour as a unique “coming together” of people around images, artefacts, landmarks and stories that have something to tell us about the world and, ultimately, about ourselves.


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Theodora Bekiari

Theodora Bekiari Licensed Tour Guide, Archaeologist

After graduating with a BA in History and Archaeology, Theodora spent the best part of a decade working as an archaeologist, participating in excavations around Greece—including a year at the Acropolis archaeological area—before turning her focus to the interplay between ancient built heritage and the public.

"What enticed me to join DGC? The combination of professional attitude and passion… and the tours! They’re unique experiences, way beyond any run-of-the-mill tourist fare."

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Terpsichori Emmanouil

Terpsichori Emmanouil Licensed Tour Guide, Archaeologist

Terpsichori has an academic background in history & archaeology combined with a long time vocational experience in excavations in central Greece. Her passion is byzantine economy and society deriving from excavation findings.

"What I find exceptionally enticing with DGC is professionalism in conjunction with your expertise in organizing educational tours, attributes which I wholeheartedly embrace!"

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Kostas Georgakopoulos

Kostas Georgakopoulos Licensed Tour Guide, Archaeologist

Kostas is an expert in Cretan archeology, having participated at numerous excavations and other archaeological projects. His extensive vocational experience & deep understanding of the land, people and cultural heritage makes him an ideal guide for travelers visiting Crete.

"The high level of professionalism and the genuine spirit of cooperation of the people of DGC, their innovatives and modern ideas concerning every single aspect of the Greek culture were for me not only a stimulus to join their team but also a motivation to become an even better tourist guide, able to respond to their expectations."

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Dimitra Ignatiou

Dimitra Ignatiou Licensed Tour Guide, Art Historian

Simultaneously drawing aspects, tools, approaches and facts from my two fields of expertise -archaeology and contemporary art- I aspire to take visitors in an experience where present, past and future tenses are merged in order to produce a moment in space and time encapsulating the multitude of elements inhabiting the essence of Greek culture.

"The aesthetics, the network of acclaimed professionals and collaborators, the vision and the mindset of the company create a welcoming and optimal environment for service providers and receivers alike, which enables to go beyond what is already out there and engage in an experience that is unique and relevant to the needs and interests of each individual. "

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Maria Kalogeri

Maria Kalogeri Licensed Tour Guide, Museologist

Holding a degree in history and archaeology Maria, through the past years has gained an experience as a private tutor and a tour guide. She brings her enthusiasm and her in-depth knowledge of Greece.

"What enticed me to join DGC? My desire to make our guests cherish their memories from Greece. DGC’s touring experiences are all about creating unforgettable memories"

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Maria Karakasi

Maria Karakasi Historian Field Expert, Archaeologist

Having graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the National School of Guides, Maria brings with her extensive knowledge in the history of Santorini, Athens and Delphi.

"I find really unique the way DGC approaches its travelers and the fact that it takes into consideration their personal preferences in order to offer them one-of-a-kind experiences."

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George Manginis

George Manginis Tour Designer

Passionate about art through the ages, George is a natural fit for Discover Greek Culture. Building on his academic background in Greek archaeology, Islamic architecture and Chinese art, he has taught widely, led tours in Greece, Turkey, Spain and the United Kingdom, participated in excavations in Europe and North Africa and, since 2017, been part of the management team of one of Greece’s most prestigious museums.

"With its unique access to places and people and its focus on specialist knowledge, DGC allows entry to Greek culture, to the country’s ancient traditions and contemporary realities, for the uninitiated and the cognoscenti alike."

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Eirini Maravelia

Eirini Maravelia Licensed Tour Guide, Museologist

Eirini is a great ambassador of Cretan culture and mentality. She would love to share with you all the traditions and traits that make Crete a unique destination! As N. Kazantzakis, the most famous Greek author who was born on this island, wrote: “Every perfect traveler always creates the country where he travels”.

"I love working with DGC because we share the same philosophy and passion, not just for ancient culture but also for contemporary Greek life. Working with the small DGC groups gives us the chance to communicate better with our visitors and most efficiently address their needs and interests."

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Nicoletta Menti

Nicoletta Menti Tour Designer

Nicoletta’s academic background in archaeology and art history as well as her extensive professional experience with one of the most acclaimed museums in Greece, afford her unique insight and knowledge of the subject matter and industry alike. An avid traveler herself, Nicoletta is passionate about discovering different cultures and was eager to share her passion and expertise with Discover Greek Culture.

"What motivated me to join the DGC team was the company’s effort to show visitors the authentic Greece that we know and love, to help them discover the unique characteristics of this country and its people."

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Georgios Mostratos

Georgios Mostratos Field Expert, Archaeologist

With a PhD from the University of Athens and a Master’s degree from King’s College London, both in classical archaeology, Georgios brings a sophisticated depth of knowledge to Discover Greek Culture’s fields.

"I am charmed by Discover Greek Culture‘s vision to “break” conventionalism in guided tours and to propose alternative ones. I would be happy to contribute to the formation of a new type of visitor who will live Greek culture for himself than a tourist who will obtain standardized feedback."

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Nicolas Nicolaides

Nicolas Nicolaides Historian

Nicolas was born in Istanbul, Turkey and has been transplanted to Greece as a child. He is a Ph.D. student at the School of Political Science, University of Athens. His research interests lie in the area of intellectual history. He has joined the stuff of the Laskaridis Foundation, working as an instructor on a variety of learning programs for children and young adults. He also works in the TV & Film industry as a historical consultant.

"What motivated me to join DGC is the company's vision and commitment to offer high-end cultural experiences run by top-notch professionals in every single case!"

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Christina dePian

Christina dePian Children Tours Designer

With an enviable career in education spanning no less than 25 years, Christina is a genuine artist that brings with her wide-ranging and in-depth expertise in working with children and designing educational projects.

"I believe it is paramount that visitors in Greece are properly taken care of, as we Greeks would like to be in a foreign country. Discover Greek Culture is a very good example of how this can be achieved."

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Konstantina Pavlikaki

Konstantina Pavlikaki Field Expert, Archaeologist

Konstantina (Nadia) Pavlikaki has an academic background in archaeology and art history. Nadia has worked for the Ministry of Culture, for private collections of art and art exhibitions, as well as a leader of educational programs for children and of cultural trips in Greece and abroad. She is also a licensed professor of Spanish and passionate about the Hispanic culture, teaching at the Hellenic American University of Athens.

"The endeavor for high quality services, the exclusiveness and originality of DGC’s tours, makes them a major player in the market"

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Antigone Pogiatzi

Antigone Pogiatzi Licensed Tour Guide, Art Historian

From hands-on work in archaeological excavations to curating exhibitions and from teaching young people to working with respected museums in Cyprus and Greece, Antigone’s career has always been driven by her love for art and history—and, of course, for sharing this passionately with others.

"I appreciate that DGC works with experts from different fields. This input makes the tours both more interesting and unique; they can really fulfil the expectations of a demanding audience."

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Pavlina Raouzaiou

Pavlina Raouzaiou Field Expert -Archaeologist

An out-and-out archaeologist, Pavlina has devoted her academic career to the study of Classical Archaeology to present an original contribution to the field as well as to DGC’s guests. Knowledgeable and engaging, Pavlina embodies all the noble qualities of a tour guide along with her commitment to sharing the country’s bounties with DGC’s guests. Pavlina has worked as a contract archaeologist for the Ministry of Culture and as a teacher of English at a Public Institute of Vocational Training, which afforded her leadership and people management skills. Her enthusiasm about archaeology is inextinguishable and you will be tracing the fingerprints of Greek history in no time.

"The deliberately fluid and creative company culture as well as the founders’ professionalism and passion were only a few of the reasons that inspired me to join Discover Greek Culture."

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Alexandros Tamoglou

Alexandros Tamoglou Licensed Tour Guide, Museologist

Alexandros has an academic background in History and Archaeology as well as in Museology and Cultural Management. He is an experienced museum educator and tour guide, bringing with him his expertise in working both with children and grown-ups.

"The network of Ph.D.- level scholars and experts, the thematic and in-depth experiences as well as the small-group private tours for the intellectually curious travellers, make DGC stand out."

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Our Clients

Having immersed hundreds of discerning travelers from around the globe in the authenticity of Greek culture, it was about time that we took major companies and their people to where the magic happens through inspirational cultural corporate events.

Our portfolio includes a compilation of leading companies, both in the domestic and international markets, which we are delighted to present below:

Aegean Airlines
Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company
Cosmote TV
Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company
Papastratos Philip Morris International Inc (PMI)
Public Bookstores
Wind Hellas
Delphi Economic Forum
Hellenic Petroleum
Piraeus Bank
The Coca Cola Company

Our Partners

From day one, we knew we wanted to offer extraordinary tours. After all, our mission has always been to provide unique, immersive, one-of-a-kind cultural tourism experiences that give you the opportunity to dig deeper, to really discover Greek culture. To make this possible, we have negotiated exclusive deals and built partnerships with some of the most acclaimed cultural institutions in Greece.

We are proud to present our partners:

Benaki Museum
Museum of the City of Athens Vouros-Eftaxias Foundation
University of Athensdgc_partners

Press & Awards

We’ve been making headlines! Since we launched Discover Greek Culture in 2013, we’ve been gaining recognition for the quality and originality of the services we provide, with mentions and features in a wide range of media—from TV to blogs to print magazines—and a number of industry awards.

2018 Greek Tourism Awards

2018 Greek Tourism Awards

March, 2018

Silver Award:
Cultural Tourism/Specialty Offering

2015 Ermis Awards

2015 Ermis Awards

March, 2016

Silver Award: Direct Marketing
Bronze Award: PR – Experiential Events

2015 Greek Tourism Awards

2015 Greek Tourism Awards

March, 2015

Silver Award:
Cultural Tourism/Specialty Offerin

Aegean Airlines, BLUE Magazine

Aegean Airlines, BLUE Magazine


Insider’s Athens

Qatar Airways, ORYX Magazine

Qatar Airways, ORYX Magazine

May, 2016


The Journey Collector

The Journey Collector

August 17, 2014


Life Beyond Borders

Life Beyond Borders

February 16, 2015


Urban Travel Blog

Urban Travel Blog

February 11, 2015

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