At DGC our top priority is the health & safety of our guests, clients, associates and employees.

Our team is closely monitoring the news around COVID-19 (coronavirus).

We carefully adapt to all Greek state, EU & WHO policies against the spread of the virus to ensure we offer not only the best but also the safest, private, cultural experiences in Greece.

We implement COVID-19  counter policies both in our private tours/experiences as well as at all DGC daily business operations.

Here is the list of measures we take to ensure safety & hygiene during our private tours and experiences:

  • We do only private tours. This is you, with your partner, family¬† and /or friend (s).
  • Our field team is trained to use a standard physical distance with all group members & avoid any body contact.
  • Whenever physical contact is necessary (i.e give tickets, lunch packs, audio devices) our field team will use the necessary protective equipment (i.e. masks, latex gloves).
  • Tickets & entry permits are pre-purchased to avoid waiting lines.
  • Intra-communication (headsets) is offered in all our field tours (i.e. archaeological sites, museums).

Here is the list of measures we take to ensure safety & hygiene through our daily business operations:

  • Proper and frequent hand washing is the essential measure to avoid COVID-19 & all DGC staff & associates are encouraged to perform this throughout their daily routine.
  • Our meetings with, clients, partners, associates as well as internal meetings are held remotely via online tools.
  • All DGC staff & associates follow ongoing training on safety & hygiene processes for COVID-19 & other viruses.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with any clarifications on this topic so please send us your email at: [email protected]