The General Terms of Participation contained herein (hereinafter, the “Terms of Participation”) govern the rights and obligations of the natural or legal persons (hereinafter, the “Travelers”) wishing to purchase and participate in the tour packages, i.e. the excursions, activities and/or visits (hereinafter, the “Tour Packages” or the “Packages”) organized by the company with the corporate name “Discover Greek Culture S.A.”, and the distinctive title “Discover Greek Culture” (hereinafter, “DGC” or the “Company”).

Before purchasing any Tour Package, please make sure that you have carefully read and fully understood these Terms of Participation. The purchase of any Tour Package means that you unconditionally accept the Terms of Participation as well as the specific terms of the Tour Package.


The Terms of Participation contain the general information as well as the rights and obligations of the Travelers and form an integral part of the Tour Packages. The specific terms and information relating to the Packages (i.e. destinations, prices, days and times, etc.) are contained in the detailed itinerary of each Package. It should be noted that, with respect to the contents and the information regarding each Tour Package, the information and details of the Terms of Participation are of a general nature, and they apply unless otherwise provided in the itinerary of each Tour Package.

The information, details and recommendations contained in the Terms of Participation were verified when this text was written as to their validity and accuracy. Itineraries in printed form and/or available on the Company’s website, including the pricelist applicable from time to time, are valid for the period referred to therein. 

It should be noted that these Terms of Participation are binding on both the Travelers and any members of their families for whom the Travelers are responsible and the members of the groups they represent.

The present constitutes English translation of the Company’s Greek Terms of Participation. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between any provision contained in the Greek and the English translation, the provisions contained in the Greek document shall prevail.


DGC is established in Aigio, Greece, at the corner of 13, 1 Maiou 1886 Str. and Omirou Str., and is registered with the Registry of Tourist Enterprises under No 04-14-Ε-60-00-00518-0-1. The Company organizes and offers for sale Tour Packages, and operates as an intermediary between the Travelers and the various service providers it collaborates with (transport companies, hotels, museums, sites available for visits, etc.).


3.1 The Tour Packages are described on DGC’s website as well as in the Company’s current brochures and they are valid for the time period referred to therein and in accordance with the specific terms and conditions contained therein.

3.2 The Tour Packages also depend on conditions and factors beyond DGC’s control and they may, consequently, be modified at any time. In such a case, DGC shall use its best efforts to promptly inform the Traveler in the most appropriate manner, i.e. through its website and other printed material, by e-mail, telephone and/or fax. Therefore, Travelers are required to make available to the Company their full contact details. Any changes, corrections and information relating to the Tour Packages shall become binding from the time they are published or otherwise communicated and shall be applicable to all Travelers.


4.1 Participation in the Tour Packages is only allowed to persons aged eighteen (18) or over and/or to underage persons provided they are accompanied by the persons having parental or supervisory responsibility over them.

4.2 The procedure for the participation in the Tour Packages is made through the Company’s website, provided that:

(a) the participation/registration statement has been properly submitted in the manner described in the aforementioned website,

(b) the price has been fully paid by credit/debit card or Paypal to DGC,  

(c) these Terms of Participation have been unconditionally accepted and complied with.

4.3 The Traveler’s participation/registration statement regarding any Tour Package should be made at the latest 15 days before the Tour Package start date, unless otherwise provided in the Tour Package. Especially for Tour Packages that do not include accommodation and have a maximum duration of one day, the above period is no later than 2 (two) days before the Tour Package start date, unless otherwise provided in the Tour Package.

4.4 Participation in a Tour Package is only guaranteed upon full payment of the entire Price of the Tour Package and of any additional charges within 72 hours of the price quote received.  Especially for Half Day and Full Day Tour Packages, participation is guaranteed upon full payment of the entire Price of the Tour Package and of any additional charges at the time of the booking. Where payment is effected by credit card, the reservation may be automatically cancelled without any notice given to the Traveler, in the event that the credit card has no balance or has expired.

4.5 Participation shall be valid only where the receipt of the full payment indicates the particular Tour Package, the corresponding dates and any other identifiers

4.6 The time limit provided for registering for any Tour Package does not entail any liability for DGC regarding the availability of tickets, in the sense that DGC is not required to guarantee a ticket to any Traveler interested in participating in the Tour Package, where all available tickets have sold out in the meantime.

4.7 Upon payment of the entire Price of the Tour Package, in any manner whatsoever, the Traveler shall be deemed to have unconditionally accepted the Terms of Participation as well as any specific terms of each Tour Package.

4.8 In any event, the Traveler contracting with DGC is required to inform his/her family members, or the group of travelers he/she represents, about the details of the Tour Package and about these General Terms of Participation. Persons participating through third parties have the same obligations as the representative who registered them for the Tour Package, while DGC shall make available to them any relevant information, upon request.


5.1 The price for participating in any Tour Package (hereinafter, the “Price”) shall be indicated in DGC’s then effective price list.

5.2 Prices are per person and they shall only include the services explicitly indicated. 

5.3 Children and teenagers 13 through 18 years of age receive 20% discount on the available adult fare.

5.4 Children 2 through 12 years of age enjoy 50% discount on the available adult fare.

5.5 Infants, 0-2 years of age (0-23 months) are not charged any fee.

5.6 It should be noted that different child discount policies apply for Bespoke Experience and Santorini Tour Packages. The relevant discounts are described on DGC’s website

5.7 It should be noted that, due to the various parameters affecting the determination of the Price, which are beyond DGC’s control and for which DGC may not be held liable in any manner whatsoever, the Company may readjust the Prices and inform the Travelers in any appropriate manner. Such changes may occur up to 20 days before the start date of the corresponding Tour Package.

5.8 It should be noted that the Price does not include the cost of any services indicated in the Tour Packages and offered/provided by any third natural or legal parties (for example, restaurants, museums, archaeological or similar sites, etc.). The cost of the above services shall be directly paid by the Traveler, in addition to the Price, unless otherwise provided in the specific Package Tour itinerary.


6.1 To organize the Tour Packages, DGC will use third parties that it does not directly control or supervise. DGC does not own the transport means to be used and may not be held liable, in any manner whatsoever, for the operation of third party transport means.

6.2 DGC’s role is purely that of an intermediary for the services provided to the Travelers and therefore, its liability shall be strictly limited to omissions and organization deficiencies attributable to willful misconduct or gross negligence.

6.3 DGC is required to coordinate and perform in the best possible manner the Tour Packages by acting as an intermediary between the Travelers and any third party providing the services, and it shall use its best efforts to meet the Travelers’ expectations.

6.4 In any event, DGC does not, and cannot, exercise direct control over third parties and it cannot, therefore, be held liable for any wrongdoings and omissions by any third parties unrelated to the provision of the services, and any collaborators thereof, as well as for any emergencies such as cancellations, delays or changes in the itineraries of various transport means (airplanes, boats, buses, trains, etc.) due to an embargo of certain areas because of terrorist acts, strikes or other causes.

6.5 It should be noted that DGC is not in a position to foresee or influence situations which are beyond its control and which may result in cancellation of any Tour Package or of specific services, activities and visits, included therein, or in damage due to the non-performance or the incomplete performance of the agreed services referred to in the Tour Packages. Such cases may include, for example: strikes, accidents, diseases, epidemics, earthquakes, weather conditions, fires, toxic pollution or any other emergency or force majeure situation.

6.6 In the above cases, DGC shall use its best efforts to ensure the continuation and completion of the Tour Package, without, however, being held liable in any manner whatsoever and without bearing any costs, which will be borne by the Travelers, as if they were faced with such emergencies on their own. Furthermore, in such cases, DGC may not be held liable to compensate any damage sustained by any Traveler due to the above causes. DGC shall use its best efforts to assist the Travelers in any manner whatsoever, but this does not make DGC liable or responsible for covering any relevant extra costs, which shall be covered, as in the cases of force majeure, by the Travelers themselves.

6.7 During the performance of any Tour Package, any complaints by the Travelers should be immediately reported on the spot to DGC’s representative (or, in the absence of any such representative, to DGC) in writing. DGC’s representative shall note on the same form his/her comments on the issue. Where the issue reported cannot be solved on the spot, the Traveler shall submit such complaint to DGC in writing within 5 (five) business days from the Tour Package completion date, together with any documents or other supporting evidence. Upon expiration of the above deadline, DGC shall not be required to respond to any claim. In any event, any compensation for failure to provide any service or any Tour Package may not exceed the value of each service or the Tour Package, respectively.


7.1 For the duration of the Tour Packages, Travelers are required to have and make available upon request to DGC’s guides or representatives or to any third person their national identity card (ID), passport or other official public identification document. Identification documents for underage persons must explicitly state their date of birth.

7.2 For the duration of the Tour Packages, Travelers are required to behave in a socially acceptable manner and be understanding towards other Travelers as well as other operators participating in the organization of the Tour Packages. In particular, for the duration of the Tour Packages, Travelers are required to be extremely careful with the objects exhibited and other objects to be found in the sites visited as well as respect and fully comply with the specific requirements applicable thereto.

7.3 Travelers are required to fully respect the Tour Package itinerary and the instructions of DGC’s guides or representatives and to arrive on time at the meeting places for the various itinerary services to be carried out (trips, guided visits, excursions, meals, etc.).

7.4 Travelers should be at the meeting points at least 30 minutes before departure. We particularly draw the attention of Travelers from other regions and countries to check beforehand how to reach the meeting place so as not to be affected by any delays and/or strikes of the local transport means.

7.5 Travelers shall be responsible for the actions of underage persons they accompany and they shall supervise them continuously during the entire Tour Package as to their safety and behavior.

7.6 Travelers are required to fully compensate the Company for any damage (positive or negative damage, including any loss of profits) sustained by the Company due to their acts or omissions with regard to any Tour Package.


In particular with respect to the following Tour Packages, DGC notes the following:


DGC hereby states and informs the Travelers that excavations are conducted under special conditions and in sites which are not specially arranged to receive visitors/third parties or which do not meet specific safety standards. Therefore, the Company or the competent excavation manager may not and shall be held liable and may not and shall not provide any guarantee as to the safety of Travelers, who are to enter the site exclusively at their own risk.

Excavation sites and any findings therein are protected by current legislation, and Travelers should be particularly careful, abstain from any act or omission that may cause damage thereto in any manner whatsoever, and fully comply with the instructions and recommendations of the excavation manager and his/her collaborators.

Entry of Travelers in the excavation site and any other action shall be carried out in line with the instructions and the guidance of the excavation manager and his/her collaborators.

Before registering for participating in the Tour Package, Travelers are required to inform DGC about any diseases, allergies, particularities and other health issues that may cause any problem to them during their presence at the excavation site.

It should be noted that, particularly in excavation sites, Travelers may be exposed to the sun. Therefore, we suggest that you wear appropriate clothes, i.e. comfortable clothes, a hat and sunscreen, as well as sturdy shoes.


DGC hereby states and informs the Travelers that homes are not specially arranged to receive guests/third parties and that they shall not meet specific safety standards. Therefore, the Company and the owners of the residencies may not and shall be held liable and may not and shall not provide any guarantee as to the safety of Travelers, who are to enter the homes exclusively at their own risk.

During their entire visit in the residencies, Travelers should be particularly careful, abstain from touching or taking pictures of objects in the home, abstain from any act or omission that might cause damage in any manner whatsoever to the residence and the objects/furniture therein, and fully comply with the instructions and recommendations of the owner or the person responsible for the residence.


9.1 Where a Traveler loses the Tour Package, in whole or in part, and such loss is due to his/her own delays and inconsistencies or negligence, or to any other reasons concerning him/her personally, DGC shall not be liable and the Traveler may not claim any refund or other compensation from DGC for the Tour Package or the specific service lost. In such a case, any expenses incurred by the Traveler to reunite with the group shall be borne by him/her.

9.2 Similarly, where the Traveler decides to interrupt the Tour Package and to leave the group, even on grounds of force majeure, he/she shall not be entitled to any compensation and DGC may not be held liable, and the Traveler shall be responsible for his/her leaving the group and any relevant costs shall be borne by him/her.

9.3 Where the Traveler is not able, for reasons concerning him/her personally, to participate in the Tour Package, where he/she has make a reservation, he/she may either assign his/her reservation to any other person meeting the conditions for participating in the particular Tour Package or change the selected Tour date, provided that he/she informs the Company about this assignment at the latest five (5) business days before the Tour Package start date. In case of assignment of a Tour Package discounted according to clauses 5.3 to 5.5 of the present to an assignee that does not qualify for the application of the discount or qualifies for the application of smaller discount, the assignor and the assignee will be jointly and severally liable for the payment of the amount of difference and such payment shall be precondition for the assignment to be valid. DGC shall bear no liability for the return of the amount of any difference in case the assignee qualifies for a discount or a bigger discount.

9.4 DGC may not be held liable where assignment of the participation is not possible. The ensuing mandatory cancellation of the reservation shall be effected in line with the cancellation terms provided herein.


10.1 DGC may, for a certain period of time or for a limited number of tickets, offer for sale tickets for specific Tour Packages at more favorable prices, under special cancellation terms. Any such offer by DGC does not entitle other Travelers to claim a similar discount or to cancel their participation without paying the cancellation fee foreseen.

10.2 DGC may offer special Tour Packages at special prices or at discount prices and under special terms and conditions. In such cases, registration to participate in the Tour Package may require full payment in advance of the Tour Package Price and provide for different cancellation periods or other conditions that may be less favorable to the Traveler than ordinary conditions. Cancellation or any change may also not be possible in case of special offers, and cancellation may result in payment of the entire cancellation fee.


11.1 DGC undertakes to respect the Tour Package itinerary as indicated in the description of each Tour Package. It may, however, make changes to the itinerary, to the extent that it considers this to be appropriate in order to overcome any technical problems or unforeseen difficulties. Provided that the changes made to the itinerary described have been communicated in any clearly understood manner to the Traveler, DGC shall not be bound by the description of the Tour Package itinerary.

11.2 Some Tour Packages may require a minimum number of participants to be carried out. DGC may cancel any Tour Package, where participation is deemed to be insufficient, or for any other reasons which make, at its discretion, the performance of the Tour Package impossible. In such a case, DGC shall inform the Travelers about the cancellation of the Tour Package in any appropriate manner. In this case, DGC responsibility is limited to refunding the monies it has already received.


The Tour Package itinerary may include optional services offered in collaboration with third parties. DGC shall not be liable for any of these optional services or activities, which are not organized by DGC but are only proposed by it. The prices for such optional services offered are determined by the third parties offering such optional services and may vary from time to time.


13.1 DGC has concluded a group insurance policy for professional third-party liability, covering any cases of liability towards Travelers arising from non-performance or incomplete performance of DGC’s obligations, as described in the Tour Packages. The insurance policy also covers insolvency and bankruptcy as well as the obligation to refund any amounts paid by Travelers.

13.2 The insurance policy number and the details of the insurance company are indicated in the agreement signed between DGC and the Traveler. A copy of such insurance policy may be handed to the Traveler upon request.

13.3 Since coverage offered by group insurance policies is marginal, specific and limited, DGC unconditionally suggests to those wishing to conclude an insurance policy for larger amounts, for risks of loss of life, sickness, accident, and loss or destruction of luggage and other valuables not covered by the group insurance policy, to conclude an individual insurance policy for any amount they consider appropriate.


14.1 For all trips outside Greece, a new passport is required issued from 2006 onwards. Countries in the Schengen Area also accept new ID cards. The Company recommends that you have a passport valid at least until the scheduled return date. In any event, Travelers should contact, on their own initiative, consular authorities in their country to check whether they need a visa or any other documents to enter in Greece, or for the countries they may stop in transit, as well as for returning in their country of origin. Not obtaining in time any travel documents or visas does not justify cancelling the Traveler’s participation without paying any cancellation fees.

14.2 Travelers are responsible for the issue and validity of all travel documents (passport, ID, etc.) and DGC shall have no liability in this respect. Particular attention should be paid to underage Travelers who should imperatively have all required travel documents (passport, etc.). Foreign Travelers should have with them the “European Health Insurance Card” issued by their insurance organization.

14.3 Travelers are responsible for contacting the competent local health authorities to obtain official and valid information, or their doctors, indicating any specific local conditions, and DGC shall have no liability in this respect.


15.1 To organize and carry out the Tour Packages and to offer the proposed services, DGC pays in advance and beforehand considerable amounts of money and undertakes specific compensation obligations in the event of cancellations, either in whole or in part.

15.2 30% of non refundable deposit should be paid at the time of confirmations

15.3 Final balance is due 45 days prior to arrival 

15.4 Cancellations shall be effected only by giving notice to the Company in writing, and are subject to the following cancellation charges depending on the date of cancellation:

a)45-31 days prior to arrival: 50% penalty

 b)30 days or less prior to arrival: 100% penalty

15.3 In case of no-show, the total amount of the Tour Package Price shall be charged per person.

15.4 It is noted that the aforementioned cancellation fees shall under any circumstances limit the Company’s right to claim any further compensation for any direct or indirect damages suffered due to the cancellation (including any loss of profit and costs/expenses of any nature).

15.5 In the event of cancellation of a Tour Package by the Traveler, DGC may charge the Traveler’s credit card with the amount of the cancellation fee (in accordance with the cancellation policy applicable to the particular reservation) without requiring the credit card holder’s approval or signature.


Travelers shall be exclusively responsible for taking care for their luggage, irrespective of the presence or otherwise of any DGC representatives, and DGC shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the luggage and the contents thereof.


Travelers accept and consent to the processing of their personal data contained in the DGC website pages, as well as to the transmission of those data to DGC third parties and service providers related to the implementation of the Tour Packages. Personal data entered by the customers/ users of the DGC website is exclusively used to ensure the operation and provision of services and may not be used by anyone, without complying with the provisions of Law 2472/97 (Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data).

DGC will not sell or convey in any way, license or disclose personal data of customers/ users of the website to third parties without their concession, except for any third parties and service providers directly related to the implementation and execution of the Tour Packages and cases dictated by the applicable law.

DGC may process part or all of the data sent by the customers/ users for statistical purposes and for the improvement of the services and information provided.

DGC does not control and shall have no responsibility for the protection of personal data of other websites and pages referred to via links (hyperlinks) or promotional advertising (banners). For any problem that occurs during the visit/ use, customers/ users must address directly to the respective administrators of these pages.


The accuracy and validity of the information and data contained in the Terms of Participation were verified by DGC, at the time of their preparation.


An attempt shall be made to amicably settle any dispute that may arise relating, or with respect, to the interpretation or the terms and conditions of these Terms of Participation as well as any other issue arising from participation in the Packages. The agreement between the Company and the Traveler shall be governed by the Greek law. Where amicable settlement of the dispute is not possible, the courts of Athens shall be competent for settling it.