Tours in Athens

We go above and beyond the industry standard and offer high quality tours, designed and arranged to meet the desires and needs of today’s traveler. Our team is comprised of field experts who bring together unrivaled passion, expertise, and local knowledge and are commissioned to showcase the best of what Greece has to offer in terms of archaeology, history, art, and gastronomy.

Indulge in innovative, themed tours in Athens or even in immersive day trips around the Attica peninsula to admire the divine atmosphere of Vravrona and Cape Sounio. Whether you opt to discover the splendor of the ancient Greek temples -the Acropolis Rock and the Parthenon – as well as  the multi-award winning Acropolis Museum, or to witness the capital’s vibrant art scene, one thing is certain; you will secure yourself an exciting, one-of-a-kind experience at the end of which you will feel like you can carry part of Greek culture back home with you!

Choose among a wide variety of tours listed below and create your own memories in one of the world’s most enchanting cities. Get to know Athens from the inside!

The Acropolis: A Walk Through History

An introduction to the myths and wonders of ancient Athens for families with children

Mother and son gazing upon the temple of the Acropolis during the Athens Acropolis Family Tour Half day with Discover Greek Culture
€450 (2 adults+2 children)
Half-Day in Athens

A Day in the Life of A Young Athenian

Games and Toys in the Ancient Agora for families with children

The Stoa of the Agora, part of the Kid friendly Ancient Agora Athens Tour by Discover Greek Culture
€410 (2 adults+2 children)
Half-Day in Athens

The Ellinikon Experience

A unique experience for all family members

Half-Day in Athens

Culture & Shopping Tour

A unique experience for all family members

Explore the Athens Olympic Museum and/or the aquarium of XPLORE Entertainment Center through guided tours by experts.
Half-Day in Athens

Discover The Acropolis & Acropolis Museum

Acropolis, Parthenon & Acropolis Museum

Entrance to the Acropolis Museum part of the Private Tour Acropolis half day by Discvoer Greek Culture
4 pax/160€ each
Half-Day in Athens

Acropolis & Sounion

Acropolis, Acropolis Museum & Sounion

Sounion Athens Full Day
Full-Day in Athens

The Myths & Wonders of Ancient Athens

A family experience of the Parthenon, Acropolis and Acropolis Museum

Graphic for the Athens Half day Tour Family Friendly Wonders of Ancient Athens by Discover Greek Culture
Half-Day in Athens

Antiquity Lovers

The five most important ancient Athenian sites

The Caryatids of the Acropolis, part of the Athens Full day Private Tour by Discover Greek Culture
Full-Day in Athens

Spectacular Sounion

A temple to behold, a sunset to remember

Temple of Poseidon against a backdrop of the Aegean sea, part of the Cape Sounion Private Tour from Athens with Discover Greek Culture
4 pax/250€ each
Half-Day in Athens / Sounio

The Mythology Walk

Tracing Ancient Greek Mythology in Modern Athens

Hidden spot revealed during the Private Half-day Athens Walking Tour by Discvoer Greek Clture
4 pax/85€ each
Half-Day in Athens

The Untold Acropolis

A private tour of the Acropolis and the iconic Parthenon

The Parthenon pillars up, close and personal revealed as part of the Private tour of Acropolis and Parthenon by Discover Greek Cuture
4 pax/120€ each
Half-Day in Athens

A pinch of Athens

A walking tour through the historic heart of the Greek capital

The Greek Parliament, one of the spots during the Athens Private Walking Tour Guided by Discover Greek Culture
Half-Day in Athens

Athens Night Out

The culture, the heritage, the drinks

Acropolis Hill above Monastiraki square to discover on your next Athens Night Walking Tour with Discover Greek Culture
Half-Day in Athens

Classical Athens, Classically Greek

Acropolis Museum, Parthenon and Wine Tasting

Graphic for the Athens Acropolis and Museum Guided Tour by Discover Greek Culture
Half-Day in Athens

A Taste of Greece

Greek cuisine and local gastronomy in the heart of Athens

Graphic for the Private Food Walking Tour Athens by Discover Greek Culture
Half-Day in Athens

Modern Muses

Experience the contemporary art scene in true Athenian style

Graphic for the Art tours in Athens, Greece by Discover Greek Culture
Half-Day in Athens

Touching History

A museum lover’s dream, exploring the origins of modern Greece

Graphic for the Benaki Museum Private Guided Tour by Discover Greek Culture
Half-Day in Athens

A Treasure Trove of Jewelry

Hold precious jewelry in your hands.

Half-Day in Athens

The Heritage Dinner

A private catered dinner in a unique Athenian townhouse

Interior dining setting with ancient ruin display during a Private dinner in an Athenian townhouse by Discover Greek Culture
Half-Day in Athens

The Marble Islands

Fall in love with 3 Islands in 8 days ...

8 days in Antiparos, Tinos

Custom Tours

Create your own Cultural
Experience in Greece

From the get go, we wanted to offer truly exceptional cultural tours in Greece, tours that went beyond sightseeing. We wanted to offer unique cultural experiences.

Corporate Experience

It’s about sharing the striking beauty and staggering complexity of our history, our land and our modern identity. We combine fun and learning by sharing the striking beauty and staggering complexity of our land, from archaeology to art, from gastronomy to history, and from beaches to the mountain tops