Discover Athens: The Many Faces of the Greek Capital

Since day one, Discover Greek Culture has been committed to providing world-class cultural tourism experiences for travelers—as well as locals—who want to truly experience Greek culture and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of our country’s history and identity. Our tours are inspiring and unique, because we always strive to go above and beyond, designing and providing fantastic experiences in Athens and across some of the best places to visit in Greece. With our new tour, we’ve achieved just that.

Faces of Athens is so, so much more than your run-of-the-mill Athens tours. Let’s face it: Basic sightseeing is, well… basic. So we’ve designed a tour that shows you some of the city’s best sights while taking you on a journey through 2,500 years of Greek history, all guided and narrated by our expert tour guides.

Starting with the city’s most iconic landmark, the Acropolis and Parthenon, Faces of Athens will lead you from Classical Athens through the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman eras and into modernity, with the early days of the modern Greek state and the transformation of the city into the vibrant metropolis it is today.

You’ll marvel at the Parthenon, wander through the city’s most picturesque neighborhood, visit important ancient sites, and stand at the steps of some of the country’s most renowned and important buildings. And while you’re taking in these photo-worthy sights, you’ll also enjoy the opportunity to learn about the city’s turbulent history, from the rise and fall of classical Athens to the intrigue and opulence of the 19th century Kingdom of Greece. And did we mention there’s a subterranean surprise at the end of it?

Our guides aren’t just qualified experts; they’re passionate about what they do, and that passion is the key to our outstanding tours, bringing sights and locations to life and transporting you through time to give you the chance to experience key moments of Greek history and culture.

Packed full of world-class attractions and fascinating stories and anecdotes, this private tour is easily one of the top things to do in Athens for anyone who wants to really get to know the city’s rich history and authentic character.

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