Discover Athens: Experience the City’s Art and Culture Scene

Following one of the toughest decades in the country’s modern history, Athens has emerged as one of Europe’s top art and culture hotspots. Inspired and defiant, the city channeled the experience of adversity—ten years of economic hardship, political turmoil and social upheaval—into inventiveness and creativity, transforming previously rundown industrial areas in the city center into studios, galleries and workshops.

Over 2500 years of art and culture

Today, Athens is widely touted as one of Europe’s most vibrant art and culture destinations: buzzing with raw creative energy and chock full of all kinds of creative spaces and projects. And with the city’s art scene literally going back over two and a half millennia, art lovers are spoiled for choice.

There’s a wealth of excellent Athens walking tours that showcase the city’s extraordinary classical heritage and modern history, exploring the key role of art in Greek culture and architecture through the centuries, from the classical masterpieces of the Golden Age of Athens to the magnificent architecture and lavish decorative objects of the early days of the Kingdom of Greece. You can even book Bespoke Experiences that offer you the opportunity to hold precious artifacts in your hands. Best of all? You can now delve right into the heart of the city’s vibrant art scene with a specially designed contemporary art tour.

Experience the heart of the city’s art scene

A work of art among Athens tours, our Modern Muses tour has been carefully designed to give you the best experience of contemporary art in the city in true Athenian style. Going beyond classical heritage and Acropolis tours, this half-day private tour is an introduction to the capital’s art and style in a nutshell, a fantastic experience of a different side of Athens.

With gallery visits, walks through some of the city’s top creative districts, plenty of background and context, and an opportunity to visit a real artist’s workshop to talk inspiration and process and what makes the capital’s art scene tick, Modern Muses is hands down one of the top things to do in Athens for anyone with a passion for contemporary art.

Visit the Modern Muses tour page to book your tour and discover the Greek capital’s fabulous contemporary art scene and how it has taken shape from the daring experimentation of the 20th century to the unbridled urban creativity of today.