For Those in Search for More

From Greek Archaeology and Art to Gastronomy and History, we have spent our professional lives learning about, promoting and preserving our culture and heritage. It is our passion and our purpose.

A Deeper Understanding, A Deeper Appreciation

Technology has made our world smaller. We can video chat with pretty much anyone, anywhere. We can translate texts from any language into our own. We can explore foreign streets, and tour foreign sites without leaving the comfort of our homes.

We are launching Discover Greek Culture (DGC) to share the striking beauty and staggering complexity of our history, our land, and our modern identity with those who want to dig a bit deeper. And we think there are many of you out there.

Yet, as we grow closer to each other, we discover that there is an enormous amount that we don’t know about each other. Traditions, expressions, experiences; these are things that cannot be digitally encapsulated and virtually simulated. They must be experienced firsthand.

Cultural tourism can fill that void; the ability to experience a day in the life of another person, to share in their joys, their acquired understanding and in the bounty of their communities and land. And few places are more bountiful than our beloved Greece.

An Opportunity to Truly Experience Greek Culture

We therefore invite you—the inquisitive, empathetic traveler—to join us on our innovative new cultural tours. We invite you to witness our ancient history by going behind the scenes at an archaeological dig or in a museum; or to experience today’s vibrant Athenian life.

We invite you all to join us as we discover and unearth authentic Greek culture. We trust the experience will be as inspiring for you as it has been for us.

See you in Greece!