Athenian Philosophical Ramble: Stroll & Symposium

Philosophy originated in Ancient Greece as a pursuit of wisdom and happiness. Explore the iconic locations in the city center of Athens, engage in discussions on existential topics, and employ fundamental argumentation techniques used by both ancient and contemporary philosophers, all under the guidance of a Philosophy professor.

  • How should I live in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life?
  • How must we organize our community so that this goal can be achieved? What is our place and relation to the natural world?

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and the philosophical schools that followed in Ancient Athens were compelled to grapple with these fundamental questions. According to them, the answers lie in the philosophical exploration of the self and the world in which one exists.

A leisurely walk along the pedestrianized Apostolou Pavlou Street will guide you to the archaeological site of the Pnyx, the historical center of ancient Athenian Democracy. Following this, traverse a charming park to reach Philopappos Hill, offering a stunning panorama of the Acropolis. This picturesque setting will serve as an ideal location for a vote and ensuing debate on the question:

Which philosophical path would you opt for?

The continuation of the aforementioned experience unfolds through a symposium held at a venerable Athenian townhouse, replete with ancient ruins beneath it. Situated on one of the oldest streets in Europe and in the shadow of Acropolis Rock, this locale offers a unique and historically rich setting. Indulge in an exclusive symposium, wherein a meticulously curated meal will be served, providing a sensorially delightful experience.

This symposium presents a rare opportunity to engage more in profound discussions on existential themes with the distinguished Philosophy professor. Delve deeper into the origins of debating and argumentation, enriching your intellectual exploration in a convivial and erudite atmosphere.

A Tip for Plato Admirers

For Devotees of Plato: If you harbor a deep admiration for Plato and seek a more profound understanding of this eminent Ancient Greek philosopher, extending your stay in Athens for one more day is highly recommended. A must-visit museum during your extended sojourn is the Plato Academy Digital Museum, situated at Plato’s Academy.

Plato Academy Digital Museum is dedicated to illuminating the historical and archaeological facets of Plato’s Academy while employing modern technology to delve into the realm of Plato’s profound philosophy and ideas. Moreover, the museum is committed to fostering awareness and community engagement among those interested in educational and cultural pursuits.

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