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A Pinch of Athens

The Many Faces of the Greek Capital

Culture for the real world

A Pinch of Athens is a tour for cultural adventurers and curious minds, for travelers who want to dig deeper and really get to know the authentic character of this city. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore the unique interplay between the various influences and diverse cultures that have swept over the city through the centuries. Prepare to learn about the fascinating history and rich cultural heritage of Athens and discover a city more beautiful and complex than you had ever imagined.

Admire the Parthenon and explore the area around the Acropolis Rock, enjoying some of the capital’s best views and visiting some of the ancient city’s most important locations as you learn about the rise and fall of classical Athens.

The Acropolis
Roman Agora (Kostas Kourtidis Photography)

Wander through the stunningly picturesque Plaka, and explore the diverse cultural influences at the Roman Agora as you begin to unravel the city’s turbulent history!

Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens and the adjacent “Little Metropolis” and find out about the history and evolution of Christianity in Athens and how elements of Greek antiquity and paganism survived in Christianity.

Walk through the city’s foremost shopping street and arrive at the Hellenic Parliament Building, also known as the Old Royal Palace, which was originally built for the royal family. Enjoy a chance to observe the ceremonial Presidential Guard, or Evzones, and learn about an extraordinary period of Greek history: the establishment of the Kingdom of Greece and the early years of Greek independence.

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A Pinch of Athens

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