Easter in Greece is a time of celebration and feasting. It’s a perfect time to explore the countryside and get a taste of authentic Greek culture: the customs, traditions and foods that bind communities together and create that uniquely Greek sense of hospitality and belonging.

Whether you’re in the countryside or in Athens, there are plenty of opportunities to sample Greek Easter food. And although we whole-heartedly recommend partaking in a rural village feast if you have the opportunity, city tavernas and back yards can be just as great. All across the country, the air is thick with celebration—and the smoke and aromas from traditional slow-roasting lamb on the spit go a long way toward setting the mood.

Lamb is the basis of much of Greek Easter cuisine: Whole on the spit, grilled offal, and even soup made from the head (and it’s better than it sounds, honest!) are all on the traditional Easter menu, accompanied by rich phyllo-pastry pies, crisp green salads, stuffed vine leaves, and a host of regional specialties. Of course, no Greek Easter menu is complete without the traditional red dyed eggs (and the obligatory egg tapping games) and a thick slice of fresh, buttered tsoureki sweetbread.

If you can’t make it to Greece this Easter, let Greece come to you. We’ve put together a short list of fantastic Easter menus and recipes. Have a look, choose your favorites and get cooking!