The Mythology Walk

Tracing Ancient Greek Mythology in Modern Athens

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Acropolis Metro Station

A strange, unearthly world of gods and heroes, monsters, demons and spirits, of epic struggles, battles, voyages and loves, of miraculous births, rebirths and transformations, is echoed through the myths of Ancient Greece, and awaits to be discovered along the streets of modern Athens.

Street names, public squares, buildings and statues, souvenirs and postcards, ancient landmarks and artful graffiti, trees and rocks, foods and drinks, are fused with legends from the distant past, forming the perfect fault-line between myth and reality.

Join us on an interactive exploration of an imaginary world deeply embedded in the world of reality.




Meet your guide outside the Acropolis Metro Station


1st stop: Arch of Hadrian

Stand in the shadow of the Roman arch built by the Athenians to honor Emperor Hadrian and find out about the mythical origins of the ancient city, and why the Athenian hero, Theseus, is mentioned in an inscription carved on the marble façade of the monumental gateway.

2nd stop: Choragic Monument of Lysicrates

As we enter the beautiful Plaka district on the foothills of the Acropolis, we find ourselves in front of the Monument of Lysicrates, who was the sponsor for a theatrical production that won first prize. Ancient Athenians loved theater and it is here that we are going to touch upon the close connection between theater and the god of wine, Dionysus.


3rd stop: Church of the Gorgoepikoos Virgin

Next stop, the medieval Church of the Gorgoepikoos Virgin (aka “Little Metropolis”), located right next to the Cathedral of Athens. The mythological beings and ancient symbols depicted on marble reliefs that decorate the exterior walls of the church offer the opportunity to discuss how Greek mythology survived into the Middle Ages and beyond.

4th stop: Tower of the Winds

After a short walk we arrive in front of the Tower of the Winds, one of the oldest surviving public clocktowers in the world, on which we find marble reliefs depicting the personifications of the winds; a fitting spot to find out why the northern wind, Boreas, was extremely popular among ancient Athenians.

5th stop: Areopagus Hill

Standing on the Areopagus Hill we get a fantastic view of the surrounding archaeological sites, the Ancient Agora, the Pnyx, Philopappos Hill, and, of course, the Acropolis. It is the perfect spot to discover the myths and legends that shroud these iconic landmarks, including the hill itself.


Ending point: Acropolis Metro Station


Private tour of  key attractions in Athens with your own tour guide.

On this walking tour of central Athens, we become acquainted with a range of popular and lesser-known Greek myths, which are reflected in present everyday life.

What's included

  • Private, state-licensed tour guide

The Mythology Walk

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