From landmark vantage points and monument-filled promenades, to modern day attractions and city strolls, Athens reveals its premium charming personality. The urban scenery that greets you as you touch down at Athens airport will abundantly reward those who choose to explore it on foot, as it takes you on an enchanting journey through time around the major Athens sights.

Athens, like all of Greece, manages to squeeze an incredible amount of diversity into a relatively small space. Ancient sites proudly stand as eternal bright beacons of culture in an ever-evolving cityscape, deserving everyone’s attention. If you want to stretch your legs, give your kids a chance to let-off some steam while learning, and cover all bases of the best Athens sights, Discover Greek Culture has got you covered with the most inclusive Athens walking tours around.

History lovers and ancient Greece aficionados will rejoice with our Mythology Walk tour, that allows them to trace ancient Athenian galore in this modern city. Start your tour by discovering the fabled roots of the old city as you stand in the shadow of the Roman arch that the Athenians constructed to honor Emperor Hadrian. You’ll also learn why the Athenian hero Theseus is named in an inscription etched on the marble façade of the grand doorway.

As you enter the picturesque Plaka neighborhood at the foot of the Acropolis Rock you will arrive in front of the Monument of Lysicrates whose name is linked to theatrical productions with great success. The theater was a great passion of the ancient Athenians, and it is at this point that we will discuss the strong relationship between theater and Dionysus, the deity of wine and entertainment.

The medieval Church of the Gorgoepikoos Virgin (also known as “Little Metropolis”), which is situated near to the Athens Cathedral, is the next stop. The marble reliefs that decorate the church’s exterior walls and depict mythical creatures and ancient symbols provide an opportunity to talk about how Greek mythology endured into the Middle Ages and beyond.

After a brief stroll, you will arrive in front of the Tower of the Winds, one of the oldest public clock towers still standing in the world. On its marble relics, the personifications of the winds are depicted; this is a fitting location to learn why the northern wind, Boreas, was so beloved by the ancient Athenians.

From the top of the Areopagus Hill, you will have a stunning perspective of the nearby archaeological sites, including the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, the Pnyx, and the Philopappos Hill. It is the ideal location to learn about the tales and traditions surrounding these famous sites, including the hill itself.

For a different take on Athenian history that relates to more modern eras and recent past in contrast to the ones of antiquity, there is our A pinch of Athens tour. These especially curated locations represent the Athens sights where the historic heart of the Greek capital beats. Now is your perfect chance to learn about the rise and fall of classical Athens while taking in some of the best vistas the city has to offer and visiting some of the most significant sites.

Discover the city’s turbulent past as you stroll through the incredibly attractive Plaka neighborhood and explore the Roman Agora’s numerous cultural influences. Delve into the history, evolution, and survival of Christianity in Athens as well as how aspects of Greek antiquity and paganism persisted in the Christian religion by visiting the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens.

Arrive at the Hellenic Parliament Building, also known as the Old Royal Palace, which was initially constructed for the royal family, by strolling through the city’s busiest shopping avenue. Take advantage of the opportunity to watch the ceremonial Presidential Guard, or Evzones, and discover more about the founding of the Kingdom of Greece and the early years of Greek freedom.

The tour concludes with a subterranean surprise—antiquities tucked away in apartment building basements—and a look at how various historical influences coexist and affect this incredibly diverse city in the present.

For all you avid ancient Greece enthusiasts there is always the option to make your own itinerary down the Athenian history lane with our tailor-made tours and select your own personal favorites and top Athens sights to visit upon arrival to our majestic capital. Enjoy your culture routes everyone!