As Greece bids farewell to its long summer and slowly welcomes the crisp mornings and changing colors of autumn, there’s never been a better time to indulge in a bit of cultural self-care. From fabulous private dining and winery tours to exclusive handling sessions in the vaults of some of the country’s foremost museums, here’s how you can treat yourself to indulgent cultural experiences in Greece this autumn:

Explore the Breathtaking Peloponnese

A land of grand legends and spectacular beauty, the Peloponnese is one of the top destinations to visit in Greece and perfect as a day tour from Athens. Make the most of the changing seasons and steep yourself in the history and culture of this magnificent destination.

Unravel the intertwined stories of viticulture and ancient Greek civilization: Blending history and culture and bridging the ancient past and the present, our Wine and History in the Peloponnese is an opportunity to marvel at the region’s striking landscapes, explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site, take a winery tour, sample exquisite wines and take a gastronomic journey through the flavors of the Peloponnese.

Discover Hidden Treasures in Athens

The Greek capital offers a wealth of world-class attractions and opportunities to explore the city’s cultural heritage, from private Acropolis tours to fascinating walking tours of Athens’ historic city center. This autumn, go beyond mere sightseeing and delve deeper into the city’s extraordinary cultural heritage.

Step into the shoes of a jewelry conservator and discover the timeless beauty of one of Greece’s oldest art forms: Our Treasure Trove of Jewelry tour invites you to hold precious 19th century jewelry from the Benaki Museum’s vast collection and learn about Greek jewelry crafting from an award-winning jewelry designer.

Treat yourself to a museum lovers’ dream: Explore the Age of Revolutions and journey through the origins of modern Greece, with our Touching History tour that gives you the opportunity to enjoy a hands-on experience of artifacts and heirlooms at the Benaki Museum’s underground vaults.

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience: Wander through the heart of old Athens and enjoy a private catered dinner at a historical Athenian townhouse. Our Heritage Dinner experience gives you the chance to dine in a unique historical setting and get a taste of time-honored Greek hospitality in a place of timeless beauty and awe.

Experience Island Magic

From the verdant shores of the Ionian Islands to the otherworldly beauty of the Cyclades and Santorini’s magnificent caldera, the Greek islands are consistently voted amongst the world’s best destinations, year after year. As the crowds of beachgoers head home, surrender to autumn’s golden light and prepare to be enchanted.

Delve deeper into the magic of Santorini: Walk the fault lines between landscape, history and culture, on our The Time-Honored Treasures of Santorini tour that combines ancient heritage and traditional hospitality for a chance to savor the essence of the island.

Experience the magic and opulence of 19th century Corfu: Walk in the steps of European royals and aristocrats with our Art and Empire tour that gives you the unique opportunity to explore the island’s palaces, enjoy an exclusive private viewing of rare artifacts, and discover Corfu’s distinctive flair and elegance.