The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and school holidays are just around the corner. It’s time to enjoy some unforgettable family outings — and Athens is the perfect destination!

Chock-full of world-class monuments, historic sights, museums and cultural attractions, Athens is one of the world’s top destinations for cultural tourism. But while people come from all over the globe to enjoy the city’s rich history and cultural heritage, parents sometimes worry that Athens is too highbrow a cultural destination for a family trip. And what a misconception that is.

Athens is a fantastic destination for families with children, and a new generation of family-friendly tours designed with younger travelers in mind is delivering world-class cultural experiences that are fun for the whole family.

Cultural Adventures Young Explorers!

Firm believers that there’s no such thing as “too young for cultural tourism”, Discover Greek Culture has been offering specially designed kid-friendly tours since 2015. Our Young Explorers collection is a range of tours developed specifically with younger children in mind. Using games, activities and fantastic storytelling, these tours deliver fun learning opportunities that encourage children to engage history on their own terms—and thanks to loads of fascinating details and anecdotes, these tours are just as engaging for grownups too!

A Walk Through History, our fantastic introduction to the myths and wonders of ancient Athens, is a fun tour of the Acropolis and Parthenon that helps children (and their parents) learn about Greek mythology, early medicine and the arts in ancient Greece.

A Day in the Life of a Young Athenian makes children the center of attention, giving young travelers the opportunity to find out what life was like for kids in ancient Athens, while they walk around the Ancient Agora and assemble their very own replica of a popular ancient Greek toy!

The Myths and Wonders of Ancient Athens is our longest and most comprehensive family tour, covering not just the Acropolis and Parthenon but the award-winning Acropolis Museum too.

These three tours are fantastic opportunities to enjoy cultural experiences with the whole family, exploring the Greek capital’s rich cultural heritage while creating shared memories that will last a lifetime. What a fabulous way to experience Athens!

Book your Young Explorers tour directly through our website, or get in touch with a member of our team to plan the perfect custom tour for your family.