Many people consider it a luxury to travel alone, so if you get the chance, take it and enjoy it! Spend as much time as you want spoiling yourself, and do the things that will bring you delight, without having to consider what someone else wants or requires. Traveling alone and away from everyone has countless benefits. It gives you the ultimate freedom to make your travel plans according to your desires and budget. 

Greece and Athens in particular are great places for solo travelers to visit. It is filled with friendly, pleasant people and lovely weather virtually throughout the entire year. Favorite experiences of savvy visitors include taking a photo atop the Acropolis, tucking into some savory souvlaki or sampling the vibrant night scene. Nothing in Athens truly prevents you from doing any of the must do and must see things on your own, yet if company is what you’re looking for, locals are always open for a chat. So basically, the best tours for solo travelers in Athens are anything you put your mind to and your heart desires in terms of experiences or sightseeing.

Athens is a bustling city with lots of interesting things to see and do. Discover Greek Culture has curated the most intriguing Athens Tours for you to discover it with, but if you use your imagination, you can customize your own unforgettable experiences in our both classical and cool capital!

The Greek capital of Athens is filled with charming corners, chic bars and restaurants, and a very lively art scene, all of which go hand in hand with its gregarious people. The city is a night owl as well, staying up late and providing a ton of fun things to do. Just have an open mind, and if you get lost, follow the light coming from the hilltop Parthenon monument.

You’ll need five to six days to cover the essentials and really get a feel for the city. Although ascending the Acropolis hill and its museum is a must, there are a plethora of other archaeological sites to visit.

If you’re looking for ancient treasures, take the Mythology Walk tour around the Monastiraki and Acropolis districts to see some of the most prominent ones, such as the Roman Agora.

Of course Classical Greece and Classical Athens is mesmerizing, but you surely would not want to miss the mark on the fun aspect. So we would definitely suggest glamming it up for a Athens night out tour around Plaka, Monastiraki, Thiseion and Psyrri. This is one of the best tours for solo travelers in Athens who wish to have a bit of company on a night out in town. Note to self: the Athenian night-life by the sea, along the Athenian Riviera, is also very promising especially if you are longing for the eternal Greek summer party during the summer months.

Note that the number one Greek rule for successful nights out is that you should never go partying on an empty stomach. And while we are on the subject of food, why not explore Athens’ food-and-drink scene? Jump on our Taste of Greece food tour and prepare to have your taste palate tingling…From eating loukoumades (Greek honey glazed doughnuts) and greek pies for breakfast, to savoring an authentic meze experience down the Varvakeios market, or devouring the cult-favorite souvlaki, Athens will not disappoint when it comes to street-food delicacies. 

Thanks to its burgeoning street-art movement, Athens has established itself as a major art center. An Art-Gallery tour as an ode to our Modern Muses has been meticulously created for you to fully appreciate the contemporary art scene in true Athenian style. 

For the classic ones, we are Touching History with a tour dedicated to all museum lovers that dream of exploring the origins of modern Greece.

Stay safe, stay happy and enjoy getting around our unique city attractions through our hand-picked selection of the best tours for solo travelers in Athens at your own pace!