Discover Greek Culture provides companies with an incredible opportunity to strengthen relationships with their valued customers or dedicated employees through exclusive visits to hidden gems in the heart of Athens. One standout experience for companies is the “Wine-tasting in the shadow of Acropolis”, chosen for its exceptional qualities. This adventure encompasses an Athens Walking tour, an exclusive exploration of a historic Athenian Townhouse – not accessible to the public, and a delightful wine-tasting session featuring distinct wines from various regions of Greece, all enjoyed on the townhouse terrace.

Embark from the city center to delve into the captivating stories surrounding the Greek Capital, gaining a profound understanding of its complexity, along with a licensed and well-experienced guide, while the sun is still up. On your way to the Old Town of Athens, seize the exclusive chance to explore a splendid townhouse nestled in the vibrant Plaka area, off-limits to the public. The crowning touch of this experience is the opportunity one is given to indulge in a delectable wine-tasting event featuring not one, not two, but five diverse Greek wines on the townhouse terrace, viewing the lighted-up Acropolis in the evening, accompanied by a licensed oenologist.

Discover Greek Culture is dedicated to showcasing the captivating beauty and intricate richness of Greek history, landscapes, and contemporary identity. The company’s goal is to seamlessly blend enjoyment and education, offering a comprehensive perspective on various facets of Greek culture. From archaeology to art, gastronomy to history, and from beaches to mountain tops, it strives to provide an overall understanding of the Greek cultural tapestry. Specializing in providing upscales cultural experiences, Discover Greek Culture designs complete and turnkey activations inspired by the profound richness of Greek culture and heritage. These activations are tailored for companies seeking to enhance connections with either their esteemed customers or dedicated employees.

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Discover Greek Culture has a wide number of different experiences, operated not only in Athens, but also in all other Greek destinations. From Athens to the Peloponnese, Santorini to Paros and Antiparos, Tinos to Crete, and much more, DGC members are trying their best to create memorable experiences for their discerning guests. Take a look at our Tours and let us curate your next trip to Greece!

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