Are you staying in Athens and seeking day excursions? If you’re eager to maximize your exploration of historical sites, museums, and captivating places, consider a day trip from Athens to either the Peloponnese or Delphi with Discover Greek Culture – offering the finest experiences for your adventure!

Visions of Ancient Delphi

Embark on a day-trip from Athens and immerse yourselves in a journey through history, uncovering the myths of Ancient Delphi—the revered location that ancient Greeks considered the navel of the world. Explore the ancient sanctuary, which housed the influential Oracle of ancient Greece, and bask in the divine aura enveloping the historic site at the base of Mount Parnassus. Conclude your experience with a private guided tour of the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, delving deeper into the rich tapestry of history, culture, and myths that define Ancient Delphi.

Wine & History in the Peloponnese (Ancient Epidaurus Version)

Embark on a journey to the Peloponnese, where you’ll cross the Corinth Canal and dive into the picturesque Peloponnesian countryside. Marvel at lush citrus orchards, glistening olive groves, and majestic mountain ranges. Then, just a 2-hour drive from Athens, you will be given the chance to explore one of Greece’s iconic ancient treasures—the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, a well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site, through a unique private guided tour, full of secrets and important information. On your way back to Athens, indulge yourselves in a visit to the Domaine Skouras Winery, among Greece’s premier wineries. Embark on an exclusive guided tour of the vineyards and facilities, immersing yourself in the ancient craft of vine cultivation and wine production, along with a knowledgeable oenologist. During your visit, Seize the chance to savor the renowned ambassador wines crafted by the winery.

Wine & History in the Peloponnese (Ancient Mycenae Version)

Less than two hours driving from Athens, your journey will lead you to another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the archaeological site of Ancient Mycenae. Delve into the myths and marvels surrounding this ancient city through an exclusive guided tour and gain all the insights into how Mycenae evolved into a pivotal hub of Greek civilization. On your way back to Athens, visit Domaine Skouras Winery, one of the country’s best wineries, to take a private guided tour of the vineyards and facilities and learn about the ancient art of cultivating vines and making wine from an expert oenologist. You’ll also have the opportunity to sample some of the winery’s famous ambassador wines.

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