Summer is here—but learning doesn’t have to end just because school’s out.

Without a doubt, experiential learning is the future of education, and Greece is full of opportunities to pursue learning outside the classroom. In fact, Discover Greek Culture has created fantastic family-friendly tours that focus on providing experiential learning activities for children while also making sure that accompanying adults have a great time too. After all, the most important thing about family outings is having fun together as a family and making memories that will last a lifetime. Tall order? Well, we’ve got it covered.

Designed for children aged 5–12 and fun for the whole family, The Myths and Wonders of Ancient Athens is an unforgettable family experience of the Acropolis and Parthenon that brings to life the ancient world through fun facts, fabulous storytelling and games.

This guided walking tour through the Acropolis archaeological area is the perfect way to introduce children to the history and culture of ancient Greece. From competition between gods to the early days of medicine and from epic architecture and art to rowdy theater festivals, there’s plenty to keep inquisitive young minds interested and engaged as parents take in one of the world’s most iconic monuments and a host of facts and anecdotes that are guaranteed to inspire awe at the marvels of antiquity. Of course, the tour includes a private guided tour of the award-winning Acropolis Museum.

The Myths and Wonders of Ancient Athens is part of our Young Explorer collection of tours that have been designed by experienced tour guides and specialist museum educators to make cultural tourism accessible to younger travelers. These private Athens tours have all been crafted with younger guests in mind and are based on the principles of experiential learning. The goal is to introduce kids to ancient Greek culture and history at a pace that keeps them happy and engaged, meaning they’re learning while having fun. And since we know that kids are unlikely to take themselves on a family tour, we’ve made sure that our itineraries are grown-up friendly too.

This might just be the perfect family tour!