It’s high summer, and as the temperatures soar and the sky takes on the brightest of blue hues, everyone is rushing to catch flights and ferries to make their way to Greece’s wonderful islands and stunning beaches. Making those connections, however, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the world-class attractions and cultural experiences the Greek capital has to offer.

Designed for travelers that are briefly passing through the city, Classical Athens, Classically Greek gives you the chance to visit the city’s top attractions, get a taste of Greek hospitality and still make your afternoon connection at the airport or port. In fact, it’s also a fantastic choice for those looking for great Athens tours from cruise ships!

So, how do we make the most of your one day in Athens? You’ll enjoy a private Athens walking tour that will give you the opportunity to experience the Acropolis of Athens and the magnificent Parthenon, as well as the city’s Ancient Agora and the picturesque old neighborhood of Plaka. You’ll also enjoy a private guided tour of the award-winning Acropolis Museum.

And while it’s not an Athens food tour, Classical Athens, Classically Greek also includes an opportunity to sample Greek wines and delicacies — because culture really is a multifaceted lived experience (and we just love Greek food and wine!).

This fantastic private tour of Athens is a perfect half-day tour for anyone who wants to discover the best of classical Athens and experience Greek cuisine, wine and hospitality while on a tight schedule.

Coming in at just over four hours including the wine tasting and light lunch, this private tour can be adjusted to fit your needs. Need to arrange a pickup and/or drop off at the port or airport? Need to change the start time to work with your arrival in the city? Have any special requests? Not a problem! Just get in touch with a member of our team and we’ll do our best to meet your needs and make sure you enjoy your day in Athens.