As the world’s scientific community works to tackle the novel coronavirus outbreak, most of us are facing restrictions that would have seemed unfathomable just a couple of weeks ago. As we shelter in place, practice social distancing or go into self-quarantine or self-isolation, we’re having to come to terms with massive upheavals in our daily lives, work and travel plans. And while it’s crucial to follow expert advice and keep ourselves and each other safe, being confined to your home doesn’t mean that you have to stop exploring.

At Discover Greek Culture, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best cultural tours in Athens and beyond and helping visitors from around the world experience Greek history and culture. We’re not about to stop just because we’re working from home.

Without further ado, here’s a selection of virtual tours that will let you enjoy a taste of Greece without leaving your house!

Acropolis & the Parthenon

Enjoy a look around the Acropolis and the Parthenon, one of the world’s most iconic landmarks, to see key monuments, learn about the different structures, and take in the sweeping views across Athens. A series of high-resolution images and panoramas let you explore the Acropolis –the Parthenon, Propylaea, Erectheion, the Temple of Athens Nike, and the ancient walls surrounding the hill.

View of the Acropolis of Athens in the sunlight

Acropolis Museum

The award-winning Acropolis Museum is dedicated to showcasing findings from the Acropolis of Athens and boasts a collection of more than 4,000 artifacts. Get a taste of the extraordinary experience with a virtual journey  inside the Parthenon Gallery and the Archaic Acropolis Gallery.

Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum – which is actually a total of seven open-to-the-public museums spread across the Greek capital – is one of the country’s finest cultural institutions. While premises will remain closed for the coming time, Benaki offers 360˚ virtual tours of all galleries and hundreds of works of art (with audio guides available in six languages) for four of its museums:The famed Benaki Museum is actually made up of 7 open-to-the-public museums spread across the Greek capital. Its flagship location, the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture (or simply Benaki Museum), is undoubtedly one of the country’s finest museums; housed in a beautiful neoclassical building next to the National Garden and Hellenic Parliament, it houses a unique exhibition on Greek culture arranged diachronically from prehistory to the 20th century.

Benaki Museum of Greek Culture

Benaki Museum of Islamic Art

Benaki Museum: Ghika Gallery

Benaki Museum: The Yannis Pappas Studio

Costumes from the age of the Greek Revolution

Museum of Cycladic Art

Browse through 159 photos of precious artifacts from the Museum of Cycladic Art, a prestigious museum dedicated to the ancient cultures of the Aegean and Cyprus and focused on Cycladic art of the 3rd millennium BCE.

The iconic Cycladic Statues

National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum (NAM) is the largest museum in Greece and one of the most important in the world. It houses the largest and most significant collection of artifacts from prehistory to late antiquity, offering visitors an extraordinary opportunity to explore ancient Greek culture. You can browse the museum’s collections , learn about each period and view some of the most important artifacts online.

NAM houses an extraordinary collection of ancient Greek artifacts