Corfu, or Kerkyra as it is known in Greek, has been one of the most coveted islands in the Mediterranean for millennia. Empires and kingdoms—from the ancient Corinthians to the Romans and from the Byzantine Empire to the Venetians, French and British—have fought battles to lay their claim to its stunning verdant landscapes and sparkling blue seas. And for centuries, Corfu has also been a favorite destination for royals and aristocrats, who built their summer palaces on the island’s lush hills to enjoy the Greek sun and the glorious Ionian Sea.

UNESCO World Heritage

With its roots in the 8th century BCE, the Old Town of Corfu is a UNESCO recognized world heritage site, internationally renowned for its cultural significance and the numerous monuments that line its streets. Explore its two forts, which stand magnificently over the Old Town—the Old Citadel, which in its earliest incarnation has stood on the site since 6th century CE, and the New Fortress, which was built in the 16th century—and visit the Campiello, the Old Town’s oldest district, to wander the narrow alleyways and small plazas and let its enchanting atmosphere transport you through time.

Dedicated to showcasing the inimitable charm of Corfu’s Old Town, Discover Greek Culture offers private tours that introduce you to Corfu’s Venetian heritage, its internationally renowned historic center and a number of key attractions—hands down the best way to experience Corfu’s Old Town. And because no experience is complete without a little indulgence, we also offer options to sample local treats and enjoy a wine tasting session at a one of the island’s best wineries.

Art and Empire

Corfu has long been a favorite destination with some of Europe’s most demanding travelers. From the First French Empire to Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, and the Greek Royal Family—and countless lords, ladies, dignitaries and acclaimed artists in between—Europe’s most influential forces and figures have been drawn to Corfu for centuries. Royals and aristocrats have holidayed here, basking in the island’s magical atmosphere and, in turn, imbuing it with an air of finesse and sophistication.

Discover the magic and opulence of 19th century Corfu with a private guided tour of some of the island’s most splendid sights. Experience that era’s almost fairy-tale world as you visit a royal villa, explore a palace, and discover exquisite art collections in the heart of cosmopolitan Corfu. Discover Greek Culture also offers exclusive access to private locations and artifacts: a remarkable opportunity to not only experience history but also hold it in your hands.

Private, Exclusive, Extraordinary

Natural beauty, history, and a wealth of culture and heritage are just the tip of the iceberg. Corfu is a crown jewel among the Greek islands: elegant, charming and effortlessly sophisticated. Building on this, Discover Greek Culture offers expertly crafted tours for discerning travelers: private and fully customizable to meet your specifications, offering exclusive access opportunities, and guaranteeing extraordinary experiences. Contact us to find out how we can bring your dream tour to life.

It’s time to discover the magic of Corfu!!