It is Easter time and Greeks up and down the country —and around the world!— are looking forward to sharing festive treats and seasonal delicacies with friends and family. After all, food is much more than just sustenance to Greeks.

From the humble yet irreplaceable olive to viticulture and winemaking and from the traditional vasilopita New Year’s bread to the iconic souvlaki, food and drink are at the core of Greek culture. From helping to shape ancient Greek civilization and trade (historians agree: wine has always been popular) to preserving folklore and customs and bringing together families for celebrations and shared memories, our culinary traditions are an integral part of who we are.

The essence of Greek culture is inextricably tied to the aromas and flavors of our food and drink, and the best way to fully experience this is to savor it!

Our new A Taste of Greece food tour is all about providing an authentic Greek culinary experience. Led by expert tour guides who just so happen to also be foodies, this Athens private tour invites you on a journey of discovery, away from the chain restaurants and usual tourist traps, straight to the culinary heart of the Greek capital.

Wander through the bustling streets of the old city center, explore the flavors and aromas of Greek cuisine, sample delicacies and staples from across the country, and experience some of the best and most iconic cafés, eateries, markets and wine bars in Athens.

Try traditional breakfast foods to discover why “all day breakfast” really is a thing in Greece, take in the sublime aromas of the Greek countryside, treat yourself to some sweet doughy goodness, and explore the city’s iconic 19th-century central market. You’ll also visit a traditional deli, sample meze and tsipouro, enjoy a cup of slow-brewed Greek coffee, eat some of the best souvlaki in town, and enjoy a wine tasting session of Greek vintages.

A Taste of Greece is a fabulous opportunity to experience the city’s delicious culinary traditions while the aromas, flavors and stories carry you on a journey through time and space, across the enchanting Greek countryside and through the country’s rich and fascinating history. Without a doubt, this is a perfect tour for foodies, gourmets and culinary adventurers!