Embark on a journey through a land steeped in profound cultural heritage, adorned with globally acclaimed monuments, and surrounded by captivating natural wonders. Discover the mysteries of Athens, the Greek capital, delve into the ancient wonders of Delphi, and explore the legendary Peloponnese region.

During this week-long trip, you’ll have the great opportunity to explore well-preserved sites and uncover their rich history. Highlights include visits to the Acropolis, Ancient Delphi, the archaeological site of Ancient Corinth, Palamidi Castle, the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, Ancient Mycenae, the charming Mystras, and the birthplace of the Olympic Games, Ancient Olympia.

Day 1: Arrive in Athens

Welcome to Athens, welcome to Greece! Settle in your hotel and get ready to wonder around the streets of the Greek Capital. Start your exploration by taking a private guided tour of the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum, in search of all the myths and wanders making this Sacred Rock such an important monument through thousands of ages. Your through-all-days guide would pick you up from your hotel and share great information along your way to the Acropolis.

Day 2: One-day trip to Delphi

Take on a daytrip from Athens and immerse yourselves in a journey through history, uncovering the myths of Ancient Delphi—the revered location that ancient Greeks considered the navel of the world. Explore the ancient sanctuary, which housed the influential Oracle of ancient Greece, and bask in the divine aura enveloping the historic site at the base of Mount Parnassus. Conclude your experience with a private guided tour of the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, delving deeper into the rich tapestry of history, culture, and myths that define Ancient Delphi.

Day 3: Ancient Corinth & Nafplio

Embark on a journey to the Peloponnese, where you’ll cross the Corinth Canal and dive into the picturesque Peloponnesian countryside. Marvel at lush citrus orchards, glistening olive groves, and majestic mountain ranges. On your way to the Peloponnese, you will be given the chance to explore one of Greece’s iconic ancient treasures – the site of Ancient Corinth, a city of great importance of ancient times. Ancient Corinth served as a bustling hub involved in the trade, activities, and goods from various areas. Once your visit finishes, reach the former capital of Greece and one of the most enchanting Greek cities, Nafplio. Enjoy lunch, check in at your hotel, take your time to relax, get ready to discover the charming of the city in the evening.

Day 4: Ancient Mycenae & Nafplio

The day kicks-off with a just half-hour away visit to the Ancient Mycenae, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Delve into the myths and marvels surrounding this ancient city through an exclusive guided tour and gain all the insights into how Mycenae evolved into a pivotal hub of Greek civilization. On your way back to Nafplio, make an hour stop at Domaine Skouras Winery, one of the country’s best wineries, to take a private guided tour of the vineyards and facilities and learn about the ancient art of cultivating vines and making wine from an expert oenologist. You’ll also have the opportunity to sample some of the winery’s famous ambassador wine. Later in the day, your guide will pick you up for a walking tour of Nafplio, which includes a visit to Palamidi Castle, allowing you to experience the city’s enchanting charm firsthand!

Day 5: Ancient Epidaurus & Mystras

Enjoy your breakfast, check-out from your hotel in Nafplio, and give yourselves the chance to explore one of Greece’s iconic ancient treasures—the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, another well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site, through a unique private guided tour, full of secrets and important information. After visiting the Ancient Epidaurus, your journey would lead you to Mystras. Settle in your hotel, enjoy your lunch, have a bit of relaxation, get pick-ed up for a tour stepped literally into history. Wander around the castle city and sense through the silence the city’s sheer grandeur: the Palace of the Despots (Anaktora), the Houses of Laskaris and Frangopoulos, the beautiful Cathedral of Saint Dimitrios and the impressive Monasteries of the Lady Pantánassa, and of the Lady Perivleptos.

Day 6: Ancient Olympia

Enjoy your breakfast and get ready to visit the birthplace of the Olympic Games, a UNESCO World Heritage site with magnificent ancient monuments. Take a guided tour of the archaeological site and adjacent museum and test your strengths in the Stadium where the start and finish lines are still clearly visible. Then, settle in your hotel and enjoy the rest of your stay, surrounding by great mystery and legends.

Day 7: Free day in Athens, last day in Greece

Get driven back to Athens and enjoy your last day in Greece!

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