Wonders of the Peloponnese

Seven days in a Greek region steeped in natural beauty and ageless memory

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the Peloponnese



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Explore a land imbued throughout with an immense cultural heritage, a land bedecked with world renowned monuments and enchanting natural wonders. Unravel the secrets of the fabled Peloponnese, experience the vastness of its history and how it lives on in the present, discover its myths, its people, its legacy.

On this 7-day trip you will have the opportunity to visit all 7 designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Peloponnese, but also a number of hidden archaeological gems nestled in breathtaking landscapes.



Day 0: Athens (arrival – optional Acropolis tour)

Welcome to Greece, welcome to Athens! On your arrival in the Greek capital, you have the option to go on a guided tour of the Acropolis and visit the Sacred Rock’s iconic monuments, including the world-renowned Parthenon. Alternatively, you are free to explore Athens in any way you see fitting and we will be more than happy to assist you with our recommendations.

Day 1: Athens - Ancient Epidaurus - Tombazis Olive Grove - Nafplio

On the way to Epidaurus, a short stop at the famous Isthmus Canal which was opened in 1893, essentially separating the Peloponnese from mainland Greece and turning it into an island.

Visit the Sanctuary of Asclepius at Epidaurus for a guided tour of the archaeological site, which includes important monuments such as the Temples of Artemis and Asclepius, the Stadium, the enigmatic Tholos, and the world-famous ancient Theater of Epidaurus.

Visit a beautiful Peloponnesian olive grove for a lunch break and a bespoke experience. Accompanied by an expert in olive harvesting we discuss the microcosm, mythology, history, and nutritional importance of the olive grove and the olive tree.

Arrive in the picturesque seaside town of Nafplio, which used to be the capital of Greece before Athens.

Day 2: Nafplio - Ancient Tiryns Ancient - Mycenae -Skouras Winery - Nafplio

Our first stop is at Ancient Tiryns, famous for its massive cyclopean walls and for being the residence (maybe even the birthplace) of Hercules during his 12 Labours.

We then visit the archaeological site of Ancient Mycenae and discover the legends and facts that lie beyond the Bronze Age citadel’s famous Lions Gate.

Next is a visit to the Domaine Skouras Winery, one of the country’s best wineries, to take a private guided tour of the vineyards and facilities and learn about the ancient art of cultivating vines and making wine from an expert oenologist. You’ll also have the opportunity to sample some of the winery’s famous ambassador wines.

Day 3: Nafplio - Mystras - Kalamata

Visit the archaeological site of  Mystras,  an abandoned Byzantine citadel perched high up on the slopes of Mount Taygetos near the modern city of Sparta.

Arrive in the city of Kalamata.

Day 4: Free day

Optional walking tour in Kalamata

Day 5: Kalamata - Pylos -Navarino Bay Boat Trip (optional) -Methoni Castle - Kalamata

Visit the historic town of Pylos and its castle, known as Niokastro, and learn about the important naval battle at the adjacent Bay of Navarino, fought on the 20th of October 1827 between the coalition forces of Russia, France and Great Britain against the Ottomans, which resulted in the destruction of the Ottoman navy and the official acknowledgement of Greek Independence.

Optional boat trip around to the neighboring island of Sphacteria to visit the War Memorials of the Battle of Navarino.

Visit the castle of Methoni which is situated in the southeasternmost tip of the Peloponnese.

Day 6: Kalamata - Ancient Messene -Andromonastiro

Visit the award-winning archaeological site of Ancient Messene, one of the largest and most important ancient Greek city-states. 

Visit the Byzantine monastic complex of Andromonastiro and discover the everyday life of monks who lived there more than 300 years ago. For centuries, Andromonastiro was a wealthy monastery where a great number of monks chose to reside and approach God. The tour concludes with an exclusively arranged gastronomical session including local Messenian produce in the Synodikon room, the very same room where, centuries ago guests were received at the monastery and were treated to monastic products.

Day 7: Kalamata - Ancient Olympia - Bassae, Temple of Apollo (optional) - Athens

Explore Ancient Olympia through the ages and discover the meaning of the Sacred Truce to find out how the ancient Greeks used the Games as a tool to promote peace between the city-states and cease the hostilities between them. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Olympia and marvel at magnificent finds such as the famous statue of Hermes made by Praxiteles and the enchanting statue of Nike, which is depicted on the medals that the winners of the Olympics receive today.

Before leaving for Athens, you have the option to go off the beaten track and visit one of the most beautiful ancient Greek temples, the Temple of Apollo Epikourios at Bassae.

Drive back to Athens – drop off at hotel – End of Tour


Itinerary includes all UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Peloponnese: Ancient Epidaurus (Sanctuary of Asclepius & Ancient Theater), Ancient Tiryns (optional visit), Mystras, Ancient Olympia, Temple of Apollo Epikourios at Bassae (optional visit), Ancient Mycenae

Other important locations included: Isthmus Canal, Ancient Messene, Andromonastiro, Methoni Castle, Pylos Castle (Niokastro), Bay of Navarino, Sphacteria Island (optional), Nafplio, Kalamata

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  • Entrance fees to the sites mentioned in the itinerary
  • Private Transfer

Wonders of the Peloponnese

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