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Classical Athens, Classically Greek

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A chance to visit the Acropolis, one of the world’s most iconic landmarks . This half-day tour is ideal for both business and leisure travelers who want to make the most of their precious time on the ground, as well as for those wanting to get a unique taste of Athens whilst waiting for flight or ferry connections to the islands or other destinations.

View of the Acropolis museum during daylight

Make the most of your visit to the Acropolis Museum, one of the most acclaimed museums of its kind in the world, with a private guided tour led by a licensed archaeologist.

View of the Parhenon, at the Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Take a walking tour of the Acropolis archaeological area to see the monuments and explore the natural landscape that inspired ancient Athenians to worship on the site and make it a center of the spiritual life and culture of ancient Athens.

View of the Theatre of Dionysus at the Acropolis of Athens

Take a seat in the Theater of Dionysus, the first theater ever built, and sense the aura surrounding the site on which the Dionysia, the biggest theater festival in ancient Athens, took place.

Fine Wine (Michael Tanteles Photography)

Sample traditional Greek wine and delicacies at an authentic old-fashioned wine shop in Plaka, and discover the bounties of Greece’s time-honored winemaking tradition.

I came to Athens for a business trip and just had one day off. The Taste of Greece tour was perfect! Not only for the itinerary, but mainly because my guides were true EXPERTS! Soritis and Paulina gave me a master class about Greek history and culture. And not only that…the wine tasting was excellent! If you have the chance, go for it.

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Classical Athens, Classically Greek

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