Finding Socrates in the Ancient Agora of Athens

Corporate Experience

An intellectual team bonding experience in the Ancient Agora of Athens

Finding Socrates is a treasure hunt, where teams share an amusing intellectual experience by searching for the various monuments within the ancient Athenian Agora that are connected with Socrates’ life and thought.

Each team will follow clues derived from ancient sources that describe Socrates’ experiences in certain places within the archeological site of the Agora.

In order to find the spots related to Socrates’ life the players will have to answer philosophical and historical questions. co o

The purpose of the game is to experience what Socrates’ life in the Agora must have been like, by recreating some of his visits and philosophical dialogues with the Athenians of his time. Winning requires cooperation between the players of each team and making good use of shared team values.

It is a fun and active way to explore the ancient Athenian Agora and find Socrates, the wisest of men!


Corporate Experience

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