Bright blue skies and sparkling seas, magnificent ancient monuments and brilliant contemporary art, breathtaking nature and vibrant modern cities. From its spectacular landscapes to its fascinating history and rich cultural tapestry, Greece is enchanting—and thanks to Discover Greek Culture, you can now experience its magic on your terms.

Designed for exacting travelers, our award-winning cultural tours go beyond sightseeing to deliver cultural experiences that celebrate Greek culture and showcase our country’s fabulous nature and heritage. We focus on offering opportunities to discover and explore Greek culture, providing top-of-the-range customer service and giving our guests the opportunity to enjoy exclusive access to locations and artifacts.

Our exclusive Tailor-Made Tours service is the next step in our extraordinary cultural tours collection. Moving beyond our fixed itineraries, this service offers the luxury of choice, allowing you to design your own tailor-made private tour and experience Greek culture on your terms.

Choose from dozens of options — including museums, galleries, ancient sites, monuments, culinary tasting sessions, and exclusive experiences — and our team of experienced tour consultants will help you create your own cultural experience in Greece.

Tailor-Made Tours by DGC are available in Greece’s top destinations: Athens, Mykonos, Paros, Crete, Costa Navarino, Delphi and Santorini.

Experience Greece the way you want it. The magic’s in the details.

Discover Greek Culture designs and offers some of the best cultural tours available in Greece today. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do, so all our guided tours can be adapted to meet your requirements and we can also offer you the option to design your own tailor-made tour. Get in touch now to talk to a member of our team to explore options and create the perfect bespoke experience.

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