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The Myths and Wonders of Ancient Athens

A family experience
of the Acropolis
and the Parthenon

Culture for the real world

Little girl looking at the Parthenon, at the Acropolis of Athens

From competition between gods to monumental architecture, early medicine, and theater festivals, The Myths and Wonders of Ancient Athens is family-friendly cultural tour that brings the Acropolis to life—the perfect way to introduce youngsters to the fascinating history and culture of ancient Athens and inspire in adults a renewed fascination with the marvels of antiquity.

The Myths and Wonders of Ancient Athens is our most comprehensive family tour, designed to give parents and children alike the best possible experience of the Greek capital’s ancient heritage. With visits to some of the city’s most important ancient monuments, it offers a glimpse of life in a bustling metropolis of the ancient world and touches on key themes like democracy, art, the ancient gods, and, of course, the Athenians behind it all.

The interactive narrative and specially designed fun activities of this specially designed guided tour encourage children to engage history on their own terms, allowing them to make meaningful connections between the past and the present that will enhance their understanding of both ancient history and the modern world. And, of course, the excellent storytelling will also appeal to adults, who’ll enjoy the chance to take in these iconic monuments from a new point of view and add another layer to their experience with a private tour of the award-winning Acropolis Museum.

Paced to accommodate our younger guests, The Myths and Wonders of Ancient Athens is a perfect day out for the whole family!

The experiential learning activities on this tour are suited for ages 6 – 11.

Mother and kid in front of the Acropolis of Athens

Learn about the significance of ancient Athens with a visit to the archaeological area of the Acropolis, accompanied by a tour guide.

View of the Parhenon, at the Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Delve deeper into the Parthenon’s colorful past through stories about its famed pediments and adornments.

exterior of the famous Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece

Take a private guided tour of the Acropolis Museum, and explore its stunning collection of artifacts and sculptures and learn about their stories from a licensed archaeologist.

View of the Theatre of Dionysus at the Acropolis of Athens

Visit the Theatre of Dionysus, the world’s first stone-built open-air theater, and learn about the importance of theater in ancient Greece and about the often-bizarre customs and habits of ancient theatergoers.

the route

The Myths and Wonders of Ancient Athens

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