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Marathon Archaeological Excavation Site in Attica, Greece

In what is truly a groundbreaking move in Greek archaeological and cultural tourism, Discover Greek Culture has come to an exclusive agreement with academic institutions and public bodies and has secured access to a number of excavation sites around the country.

The first of its kind, the Marathon Excavation Tour offers a truly unique opportunity to experience an archaeological excavation first-hand. Departing from Athens, you’ll visit the site of this brand new excavation project in Marathon and learn the basics of excavating ancient sites, alongside archaeologists from the University of Athens.

We’ve designed this tour to be a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. In addition providing exclusive access to a working archaeological excavation site, our itinerary also includes guided tours of Marathon’s major archaeological sites and a seaside lunch at one of our favorite tavernas, where you’ll enjoy traditional fish delicacies whilst admiring the mesmerizing views of the Aegean Sea.

People working at the Marathon Archaeological excavation site in Attica, Greece

Get introduced to the history of Marathon, and get acquainted with the basics of an archaeological excavation, from fieldwork and planning, to photographing and dry-sieving.

Excavation work in Marathon arcaelogocal excavation site in Attica, Greece

Learn to identify the basic types of artifacts along with top archaeologists.

People working at the Marathon Archaeological excavation site in Attica, Greece, during daylight

Learn about the main principles of environmental archaeology and different methods for retrieving environmental data from the sites.

Learning about the main principles of environmental archaeology during excavation tour in Marathon.
The tomb of Marathon in Marathon, Attica, Greece

Visit the Tomb of Marathon, locally known as the Pile, a burial monument in honor of the men who fell at the Battle of Marathon.

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Marathon Excavation Tour

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